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Bromometric Estimation of Gliclazide and Glibenclamide in Bulk and in tablet Formulation.

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Two spectrophotometric methods described for determination of, Gliclazide and Glibenclamide in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms using insitu generated bromine as oxidizing agent and either methylene blue or methyl orange as chromogenic agents. Drugs are treated with known excess of bromine and residual unreacted bromine is determined by treating with fixed amount of either methylene blue or methyl orange then measuring absorbance at 669 nm and 508 nm, respectively. The amount of bromine reacted corresponds to the amount of each drug. Effects of acidity, bromate - bromide volume and reaction time, on the absorption were studied. Calibration curves were linear over ranges of 3–10 μ for Gliclazide, 4- 24 μ for Glibenclamide in case of methylene blue and of 2–6 μ for Gliclazide, 4-12μ for Glibenclamide in case of methyl orange. The methods were validated and satisfactory applied for the determination of drugs in both bulk and in tablet form and results were compared statistically with reported methods.

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